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State Administrative Courts is a judicial body that has absolute competence to examine and resolve disputes
in the field of state administration. The development of State Administrative Courts (Peratun) jurisprudence
is indispensable for the development of state administrative law. The problems studied are the role of
jurisprudence in the field of state administrative law and the role of State Administrative Courts in providing
access to justice. This research is a normative legal research where primary and secondary legal materials are
analyzed qualitatively. The Supreme Court has made efforts to strengthen jurisprudence so that it can support
the development of administrative law. Judges’ decisions are needed as a source of law. This is because it
comes from dynamic legal dispute resolution. Then, jurisprudence can bring about social change for society.
The process of making judges’ decisions is also faster than the process of drafting laws. The broader absolute
competence of State Administrative Courts can provide easy access to justice where the public can file
complaints against factual actions of the Government in the field of public law. Jurisprudence as a source of
law is indispensable for developing state administrative law by taking into account the development of society,
social conditions, legal and political conditions. Jurisprudence produces general principles of good governance
so that it can be used for the administration of government wisely.
Keywords: State Administrative Courts; access to justice